Traceable Taxonomy Toolkit

Knowledge Management solution

integrated with iManage Work

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Take your Document Management System to the next level, Knowlegde Management

T3 (Traceable Taxonomy Toolkit) is a Knowledge Management System (KMS) that helps firms and businesses to access all their knowledge that sits in their documents more effectively. Complementing iManage Work, provides users with a sophisticated search capability in an extremely friendly interface.

By using T3, firms can apply multiple search voices (taxonomies) to individual documents. Attorneys can perform complex searches and use legal terms to filter the results. Saves a lot of time to retrieve the internal knowledge, delivering comprehensive results allowing the user to refine searches. Thus transforming iManage Work into a real Knowledge Management System.

How to implement T3:

  • Add a new library to your iManage Work system
  • Add a web service to your IIS - All T3 tools are included within, as well as the configuration files to interact with iManage Work, so no additional installs are necessary
  • T3 is ready to run

T3 main benefits

  • The implementation time of T3 is very short, it is a matter of days
  • Companies sign an annual subscription with not commitment, so if the system does not add value to the firm, simply choose not to renew
  • T3 no Systems hidden costs
  • Its interface is very friendly and easy to use
  • Taxonomy structures can be created - for example, during a merger between companies - and then, as needed, easily reclassify, reindex and integrate content seamlessly for KM Professionals
  • T3 is an extraordinary Knowledge Management System, easy to implement and adopt for any company. Since it uses all the existing iManage infrastructure, firms need not to purchase any new hardware nor software licenses, so there are no hidden costs at all when adopting it or taking off T3

T3 Components

T3 Control

Manage Complex Taxonomies

T3 Publish

Classify, Approve and Publish

T3 Classify

Review, Categorize and Re-classify

T3 Search

Easily Find Information

How does it work?